About Us


Modest Visions is a full service global influencer agency representing talent from the Modest Industry. Based in London, Modest Visions works on connecting brands with millennial Muslim digital content creators. 

Our aim is to connect our influencers with the right brands to help them grow there social presence into a business. We work on helping our influencers build great industry connections by having them invited to the best events and networking opportunities. We work on finding different opportunities for our influencers to not only ensure there is a representation of millennial muslims, but to also secure them paid partnership campaigns. 


For our brands we work on creating strategies to help enter or cultivate there existence in Modest industry. We help brands build an everlasting relationship with our Influencers to ensure ROI and brand longevity in this industry.

We help strategise, execute and manage all socials campaigns involving MV talent.   


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